The following figures estimate how SRV makes profit.

Allowing for loading and offloading, an average programme cycle last 5 minutes. On an average 8 hour day at 12 cycles per hour the maximum cycles per 8 hour day is 100 loads.

The flexibility and compact measurements of SRV makes it eminently suited to year round operation in one site or at alternative locations. The following figures are based upon a typical permanent site with only a short 20 week operation.

It is based on 50% of maximum capacity of 20 week operation, and is equivalent to 20% of maximum capacity income on a year round use.

*All prices in GBP Sterling
SRV Estimated Profitability
16 Seater
Maximum weekly through put
100 shows 7/days week 11,200 persons
Weekly peak income
£1.70 per person (net of VAT)
£2.00 per person(VAT inc.)
Seasonal Income
20 weeks @ 50% loading £190,400
Weekly running costs
Staff and overheads £330
Electricity £60
Total 390
Seasonal costs
20 weeks (£7,800)
Operating profit for 20 week season @ 75% loading before finance charge and depreciation £182,600