The Transport 6 is perfect for smaller entertainment centres, attractions and museums where simulator cost and space are key considerations in the purchasing decision. High rider throughout, nearly 100 rides per hour, makes the Transport 6 a real money maker. With a surprisingly low investment, you will immediately experience a steady, high rate of return.

The SRV is a proven performer with years of operational reliability documented by its successful performance in parks, FECs, tourist attractions, museums, promotions and special events. High throughput is one of the most important qualities of the SRV. Accommodating 15 or more riders on its 3 bench seats, the SRV has a total capacity of up to 225 passengers per hour. This means high profits.

Doron Active Theater combines Doron's proven and reliable motion system technology, big screen projection, and high-end audio. As a complete system manufacturer, Doron designs and integrates these elements into a truly thrilling multi-sensory experience providing large audiences with the best in entertainment simulation. Grouping Doron's motion systems allows seating capacity to any level. From six to over contoured 100 seats, Doron will create an Active Theater that is the right size theater to meet your space and capacity needs.

Doron Precision Systems understands just how critical the motion system is to the success of your attraction or exhibit. Proven reliable in hundreds of installations world-wide, including entertainment, military and training applications. Doron's motion systems feature dependable, proven hydraulics for a smoother, more realistic ride experience. The hydraulic system is built to withstand pressures up to three times normal operating specifications.

Portable and mobile options also available on most units, please contact us for more details.