Smiling Lion are Europe's largest distributors
of entertainment simulation systems, created
by USA based manufacturer
Smiling Lion offer simulation systems
of all sizes ranging from the compact
Transport 6, (highly suited for small
venues), to the acclaimed SRV and huge
Doron Active Theaters with configurations of
18-100 seating capacity. All of our fully customisable
simulation programs also come in a variety of
Video and Film formats. All simulators are expertly
designed by , the simulators are proven
to be highly reliable and are backed by a
complete 12 months parts warranty provided by
the manufacturer. engineers
have been able to thrill and excite
riders while at the same time, providing
synchronised, safe, and realistic motion
that enhances the ride experience.
simulators are enjoyed by the entire
family in an exhilarating blend of image,
sound, wind and motion.
Offically appointed
"Exclusive European Distributor" by